Google said the decision makes sense given that very few people actively use Google+, but the Wall Street Journal says it comes after Google tried to keep a lid on a user data bug.   Google today announced that it will shut down the consumer version of Google+ following the discovery of a bug that

Boost Your Online Store With These Ecommerce Hacks

Does your ecommerce store need a little jumpstart? Maybe it’s ticking over well enough, but you would like it to do a lot better? Keeping an eye on the upcoming industry trends and adapting your business model to include them will help give you that edge over the competition. Subscriptionly has given you the perfect

How businesses use instagram stories

Social media offer a fantastic opportunity for businesses to connect with their audience in a fun, modern, and engaging way. One of the most modern and current of all social media channels is Instagram, a photo sharing site that is becoming an increasingly popular platform for both businesses and individuals. Originally, users have been using

WooCommerce and Its Functionalities

If you own a WordPress e-commerce website, there is a probability that you are utilizing WooCommerce. This is because it is one of the most recognized open source e-commerce plugins for WordPress – arguably the best content management system at the moment. This powerful e-commerce plugin was developed by three WordPress enthusiasts in 2008. Their

One of the biggest challenges facing developers right now is the simple fact that the vast majority of people just don’t download that many new apps. Google might have a solution: Android Instant Apps, which will allow people to use an app without ever having to download it from the Play Store. Instant Apps are

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Facebook is constantly updating and upgrading its Ads Manager to make sure that advertisers can use it to its full potential, and reap the rewards. Just this week, Facebook rolled out some useful new changes in its Ads Manager. The new changes include tweaks to campaign objectives, the ability to use animated GIFs in video ads, date comparison, column

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On approximately January 31st of this month, version 56 of the Chrome web browser will be released. There is a significant change in the way it displays websites that are not using HTTPS, also known as SSL. This change may confuse your site visitors or surprise you if you are not expecting it. Starting with the

Back in November 2014, Facebook announced it was working on a new project tentatively titled “Facebook at Work”. Just as it sounds, Facebook at Work is a commercial version of Facebook, with an enclosed, private network for your business. The main pitch for the platform is this: why use Slack or Yammer or other enterprise