Facebook Makes Several Silent Changes To Its Ads Manager

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Facebook is constantly updating and upgrading its Ads Manager to make sure that advertisers can use it to its full potential, and reap the rewards. Just this week, Facebook rolled out some useful new changes in its Ads Manager.

The new changes include tweaks to campaign objectives, the ability to use animated GIFs in video ads, date comparison, column hiding, as well as reach and conversion estimations when picking a budget. They haven’t actually rolled out fully across the platform, so if you are missing them, you should be getting them soon.

Campaign objectives on Facebook have changed. To be more exact, they have been “re-ordered.” Now, Websites Clicks and App Engagement are part of one objective – “Traffic.” Traffic includes all the features from Website Clicks and some of the features from the previous App Engagement objective.

Additionally, Post Engagement, Page Likes, Event Responses and Offer Claims objectives have been rolled into one – “Engagement” – which includes all Engagement objectives and the option to boost a post.

Finally, Website Conversions and App Engagements objectives are now called “Conversions” and helps you to increase conversions on your website or app, by optimising an app advert’s delivery for specific app events. The Conversions objective also use features from the former Website Conversions and App Engagement objectives.

It’s not like the objectives themselves have changed significantly – Facebook has re-organised everything in a way that most marketers will better understand.

Facebook has also added the ability for advertisers to use GIFs in their video ads. We don’t have any more information about this right now, as it hasn’t appeared on our account yet, but Affinitiv’s Chris Ruberg shared this screenshot recently.

We may not have this feature yet, but we do have the ability to create carousel ads that only have video.

Ruberg also found other changes and extra features that we haven’t been able to independently verify yet. The screen he shared point to date comparisons,

the ability to hide certain columns to be able to clean up reports,

and finally, projected reach and conversions based on a chosen budget.

Have you  seen these changes? Any others recently?

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