3.200% increase in bookings

in the first month of redesigning the website of Galleraki Cocktail Bar Mykonos

A scalable digital experience

designed to grow and flourish like this very passionate and most promising young makup artist, Maria Vez

We revolutionized the video production ecosystem

to inspire world famous advertising agencies to collaborate with Awesome Video Productions

We spread the benefits of the mediterranean diet globally

by redesigning Cooking In Plain Greek

A brand new online presence for Stamatoukos Movers

to match their refreshed company identity

Tomorrow’s insurance today

brochure design for ESCHER & MILL

We worked closely with kelaidis law office

to turn complex legal terms into layman’s language

WCA is Greece’s leading video production agency

we designed their new easy-to-navigate website to match the company’s high standards

The union of employees of Cosmote

the leading telecommunications organization, needed a logo as strong and bold as its presence

The future of video production

is represented by this single-yet-effective, eye-catching logo design for Awesome Productions

Mypharmacity chose us

to design a logo that should be simple and modern

Design in harmony

for one of Greece’s famous music production studio


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